Does this chaos look familiar?

Workflow is a vital part of every business.

Often as a company grows, staff are added reactively and there has been no time for preparing a job description or task list.

Sometimes the employee has to just fill in any gaps they see in the process and training is on-the-job.

Standard Operating Procedures, commonly known as SOPs are extremely important to workflow and efficiency.

Anyone looking at an SOP should be able to successfully complete the subject task without direction from anyone else.

This also ensures consistency in the completion.

Niche can help develop and implement your SOP manuals to not only make the workplace more effective but also alleviate stress when staff are absent from work and the tasks still need to be properly completed.

Studying the flow of the workplace and recommending efficiencies is an integral part of the SOP process.

One-on-one training is also available for management, administration and customer service roles.

We want you to Carve Your Niche! as effectively as possible!