Gone are the days of the mailbox flyer delivered to your neighbourhood residents.

Direct marketing is the process of building an electronic communication list, which requires full consent of the intended recipient.

A response is solicited from customers, such as filling out a business reply card, attending a seminar, or sampling a product. Usually this response is phoned, faxed, or emailed into the company, and then the customer is sent something in return.

This method of communication is more effective at stimulating customers than media marketing, since these clients already have a relationship with you.

It allows you to recommend a product hand-selected for them, and because there are no printing expenses, it saves money which can be directed towards other marketing strategies.

Direct Marketing provides measurements on the performance of the communication, offering data on the number of clicks and opens. 

More people are warming up to the idea of receiving flyers in their email or even text messages that send your products and prices directly to your customer’s phone which allows them to shop effectively and efficiently.

Niche can either help you utilize the information you have already compiled to develop tactics to reach those customers or show you how to build a database of information from scratch. The process will inevitably make you successfully Carve Your Niche!